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Main DAW we use is Logic X

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Tel: 07846026248 Email: alexfletcher@alpacaaudio.com

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Whether you are looking for your track or project to be mixed and mastered by a professional, or be taught the fundamentals in audio production.
All services are currently solely provided by Alex Fletcher. Based in London UK, Alex has over 8 years of working professionally as a sound engineer, trumpeter and tutor.
His work covers a variety of roles centred around the client’s needs. From audio tracking, session trumpeter to post production and mastering. Alex’s philosophy encompasses a passion to learn, pass on the knowledge from his experience and has developed a teaching technique that is unique and engaging.
Alex's ability to demystify and his willingness to share his knowledge really helped make sense of the whole process of music production.
Ben Dingley
Alpaca Audio offers a range of audio services.
Alex has a genuine passion,he is very approachable and clearly explains what maybe difficult concepts. Besides being a great teacher, Alex is somebody you would want to have a pint with!
Gianluca Pulvirenti
An amazing tutor. Always clear with explanations. I appreciated the practical advices. Precious help and a good starting point for alll. Highly recommended!
Federico BiancoMusician Composer Arranger
I approached Alex to mix and master my tracks. I am delighted with the end results and the industry level quality of his work. I'm keen to return to Alpaca Audio asap!!
Matt Davies

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I benefitted from the hands on/real world approach of his teaching.
Roberta Izidoro